STC10 - Swimming Timing System STC10

System characteristics:

  • Time measurement for 10 lines
  • Semi-time measurement
  • LED tournament display
  • STC10 Swim database application
  • Sound generator
  • Wire referee buttons
  • Wireless referee buttons
  • Compatibility with touch-pads
  • Tournament reports
  • Individual and relay-race competitions

Swimming competition timing system STC10 for swimming pools is designed to provide all necessary equipment and to perform swimming tournaments. The system allows to make time measurement on maximum 10 lines, including semi-time. The system can operate with manual wire and wireless buttons and wire touch-pads. Moreover, the system includes, software, LED displays to preset real-time information and sound generator. The whole system is supervised by computer database SQL application STC10 Swim which provides all information needed during tournament such as competitors and competitions, categories, clubs, times, history results and more.

The whole system is built on the main part console STC10, which is a hart of the system. STC10 supports the start button and 10 stop buttons or stop touch-pads assigned to the appropriate lane. These buttons or slabs can make intermediate times as well. Moreover, the console is equipped with internal radio receiver which allows to use wireless start/stop buttons. It is important when a problem with wires show up or accuracy is not essential e.g. during training session. Additionally, the device has internal battery which provides many hours operation without external power supply. There is one audio output for preparation, start and false start signals. STC10 after being connected to a computer and after ruining application allows to perform swimming tournament based on previously created competitor list and swimming competitions. It is possible in the application to make a database of tournaments, competitors, swimming competitions and swimming clubs.

Using this database is a fast and easy way to prepare competitors and competitions list, assign competitors to competitions (including gender and age), divide for series (separately preliminaries, semifinal, final) for new tournament. The software supports relay-race as well. All information is held in SQL database and the archive data can be browsed on demand. The device cooperate with LED display. It is not necessary to use software, the display work with the console independently. After connecting STC10 through USB port and after running the application, there are available all capabilities and features. The software connected with the console and the LED display allows to show all competitors names, competitions, current time, finish and intermediate times, laps, summary and medal ceremony. All data gathered during a tournament are kept in database and can be easily browse at any time.

Moreover, the software can generate all necessary reports in HTML format, which can be easily open by every available browser and print. The device cooperate with LED display. It is not necessary to use software, the display work with the console independently Then, all control is made by buttons start/stop. In addition to STC10 console, there is tournament LED display TLS series like TLS6T9C12G designed to present in real-time all information about competitors, competitions, time and semi-time and final results.

The display can work in two different modes. One is designed for performing and showing all necessary information during a competition. The second mode is use when there is no tournament and than on the display is shown six temperatures from wire digital sensors and current time and date. After connecting the display to console STC10 and running dedicated software, the TLS can project current times, intermediate times, finales times of competitors, their names, clubs, lines numbers, position, series, final scores. Moreover, the system includes referee wire and wireless buttons start/stop, and durable cases for the console and accessories.