PSKD system v.1 - Simple Access Control System

System characteristics:

  • On-line and off-line mode
  • Monitoring and recording events in a database
  • Administrating users
  • Distributing access
  • Looking through and filtering recorded events
  • Working with Windows
  • Simple system design
  • Using well-known EM410x Unique tags
  • Door state monitoring
  • Communication interface RS485

ESKD system (Electronic Access Control System) allows in a quick and easy way to build a necessary infrastructure needed to monitor and control an access to rooms. The heart of the system is Server PSKD application with SQLite database which allows a communication with distributed readers PSKD tags. The system is adjusted to work with both on-line and off-line mode. Certainly in the off-line mode it is impossible to monitor ongoing events. The accepted solution enables the components of the system to work autonomously (PSKD controllers) when there is a damage of a communication line. The example system of controlling and monitoring is on the picture below.

When moving a card closer or opening/closing door (signal given on reader input by mechanical switch or contractor) the reader records event, which when is read by the application and recorded in a SQL database. At the same time PSKD reader searches out a card code in an internal memory and in the instance of finding it releases a electro-lock allowing an access to a room. In case of not finding the code a message of access denial will be displayed with a signal alert in the memory. Moreover, each event is additionally recorded in the internal memory of the controller. After starting the PSKD application a system administrator has a possibility to add/modify the number of users up to 1024. Each user can be given the access to rooms separately by assigning to the specific readers. After logging in users and determining their access the data from the base are copied to the controllers internal memory (reprogramming internal memory). The storage of users in the controller memory allows controller to function independently. The maximum number of controllers working under ESKD system is 32 and it is limited to one serial port RS485.

The design of SQL data base allows a customer to easily build up the existing structure by using additional tables. Also, by sharing the base file it is possible to make a program overlay, for example PHP to report the length of stay, costs, assignment of access rights and so on, from the level of an Internet browser.

Our company offers an integrated or partial solution according to a customer's individual needs. On request we make the installation of readers and wiring, starting the system and a short training course. If you are interested in our offer please contact by email or phone. The overall cost of the system is based on the number of PSKD controllers, difficulty of wiring and time spent on training courses. The offer and the completion deadline is prepared after we see the arrangement of objects and rooms on premises or after analyzing documentation.