TLS6T9C12G v.1 - Tournament LED Display for Swimming Pools

Characteristic of LED Display:

  • Displaying time on six lines
  • Displaying six temperature and clock
  • Cooperate with measurement STC10 console
  • Displaying competitors names
  • Displaying competition name
  • Displaying position, lines, series, times
  • Automatic light adjustment
  • Communication via RS485
  • Supply 230V AC (max 3A)
  • Protection IP44
  • Operation temperature 0°C - 40°C
  • Dimensions 170x135x10cm


TLS6T9C12G is tournament LED display for swimming pools. The display can work in two different modes. One is designed for performing and showing all necessary information during a competition. The second mode is use when there is no tournament and than on the display is shown six temperatures from wire digital sensors and current time and date. After connecting the display to console STC10 and running dedicated software, the TLS can project current times, intermediate times, finales times of competitors, their names, clubs, lines numbers, position, series, final statement. The display has modular structure and it bases on our LED modules: WysL – 10cm seven segment display with control and communication and GraphLedM6 48x8 pixels dot matrix with control and communication. TLS displays times with 0.01s to maximum value of 99:99.99. The dot matrix displays can show 12 characters of competitor name and 24 characters of competition name or message at the top row. Two serial interfaces RS485 is provided to communicate with the display. One is designed for connection to the measurement console STC10 and PC computer in order to set temperatures corrections and the message. The second one is use to synchronize the real time clock and set current date. The display is equipped with the light sensor with is responsible for control the insensitivity of LED according to external lights. The standard color of display is red, but it is possible do made the display in other colors. All LEDs and electronics is close in aluminium case of dimension 170x135x10cm and at the front display are protected by transparent plexiglas filter which allow to obtain good contrast. All displays are made for order and it is possible to build the display up to ten lines. The TLS is supply from ordinary power grid AC 230V or can by display from 24V DC source.