MKEiA Marek Kopec, Zbigniew Rebisz Company

MKEiA company was established in 2008 as a result of a cooperation with BxSystem company from Rzeszow. At the beginning of our presence on the market, our company has specialized in designing and producing of electronics devices based on variety family of microcontrollers. Gradually, the range of our products was expanded by RFID devices and non-standard LED displays, mainly applicable as a part of electronics customers service systems. In line with the company development, our products have become more advanced as well. Often, they apply operating systems and network interfaces. Our company owns advanced measure equipment and wide many-year experience acquired during work for electronics industry in country and abroad. Moreover, we own well developed list of our suppliers of electronics elements and circuit boards manufacturers, who are able fulfill all high quality standards. Welcome to cooperation.

Our main customer has been BxSystem for years, but we have been cooperating with others companies like Boff, Klubben, SoftCom and other as well.