BxDisplaly v.2 - Residency Time Display HPL RFID

Reader characteristics:

  • Operating with tags Unique EM-410x
  • 192x64 pixels graphic LCD display
  • RS485 communication interface
  • Engraved HPL front
  • Dimensions 135x185x50mm
  • Sealing IP44
  • Power supply from 10V to 24V (max 200mA)
  • Operation temperature from 0°C to 40°C


Ask for price and availability: info@mkeia.com

BxDisplay is RFID tags reader with LCD display. Its function is to display information about amount of time control staying on the sport and recreation venue. The construction of the reader is based on 32-bites microcontroller with ARM core. The function of the controller is to decode the code (which was read from transponder by RFID chip), to operate LCD display, to communicate with ESOK server (Electronic Customer Service System). The controller communicates with PC computer by an industrial interface compliant with RS485 standard which guarantees transmission infallibility in severe environmental conditions. The transmission protocol is adapted to operate with BxESOK application which is used to calculate time of staying in venue. BxESOK program supervises the reader’s work by sending orders-questions such as: asking about device’s status, card code, text displaying. BxDisplay operates transponders cards or Unique key rings compatible with EM-410x system. On the front of the case there is a graphical monochromatic LCD display with 192x64 pixel resolution, which displays information from ESOK server and error report in case of cutting of connection with a server. Getting the transponder (card) closer to a display field of the reader makes generating sound signal and then displaying the amount of time on the venue. Several controllers can work simultaneously on one communication bus-bar. Each of the reader has its unique address kept in non-transitory EEPROM memory connected with microcontroller which is program set. The device is closed in ABS plastic case with engraved HPL front of dimensions 135x185x50mm. The device is produced exclusively for BxSystem stationing in Rzeszow. This company sells and introduces electronic customer service systems ESOK.