StrAq v.1 - Controller with RTC clock and thermostat

Controller characteristics:

  • RTC clock with standby capacity
  • Large red display LED
  • Four outputs power AC 230V, 1A (1-3) and 2A (4)
  • Three time-regulated outputs
  • One thermostat output with 0,1°C resolution
  • Time sound alarm
  • Radio remote controller
  • Independent RS232 interface with MKEiA protocol
  • Power supply AC 230V, 50Hz
  • Second category isolation
  • Operation temperature 0°C-40°C


The main purpose of the StrAq controller is to turn on and off the devices used in aquaristics keeping or in reptiles breeding-in terrarium. The controller is equipped with the internal real time clock with standby time after the power supply dies out (about a week).StrAq has three outputs AC 230V power each with current-carrying capacity for a single outlet up to 1A for first to third outputs and 2A for fourth outlet (thermostat). The first three outlets are turned on or off according to ON and OFF set time. The fourth outlet is to control the temperature, and the status of the outlet depends on measured and given temperature. All the outlets are protected with a standard over-current glass fuse (20x5mm). Measuring of the temperature is possible by a digital thermometer, connected to the device, which is closed in an air-tight case together with a cable enabling it to be submerged all the time. The control of the temperature is from 1°C to 42°C. The controller is equipped with a large red LED display (digit height is 25mm) on which the actual time, temperature, outputs status and information necessary to set the parameters are displayed. StrAq also has switches to set and control the status of the controller and beeping sound which can be used as an alarm on fixed time. Additionally, there is a radio link which enables with the usage of a remote control to regulate, turn on and off the different outlets. The device can communicate with the computer by serial RS232 interface according to MKEiA protocol. The device is closed in a nice-looking plastic case. The case is available in two versions: black or light-gray. The controller is made in second class isolation and is intended to work with devices in second class also. The power consumption of the device is about 2W.