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  Designing and producing electronic devices  
  We design and make a wide range of electronic devices. Our company specializes in unique and advanced solutions based on microprocessor systems. We are able to make virtually every device based on a microcontroler available on the market. Following the advancement of the latest electronics, in our solutions we can implement operational systems able to communicate with the network. When designing devices we use the latest semiconductors, at the same time trying to provide the best proportion of abilities to price. We have vast experience in integration of electronic and computer science systems, and in the field of digital signal processing.

Question about offer/products please send to email, include all the possible characteristics of the device, particularly:

  • characteristic of the device
  • function
  • operational conditions
  • user information
  • estimated annual demand
  • range of test
  • particular requirements
  • concepts of exterior device design


      Designing and producing LED displays  
      We design and make non-standard LED displays for our clients. Our boards are based on LED modules and controllers of our production. We have both graphic and digital modules in different sizes. Board modules are able to communicate with sensors and PC computer. In our boards we often use interfaces such as RS485, Ethernet, USB or WiFi. Additionally, we use our own software to operate a display (for example, for sport competition, weather record, simulation of putting image from PC into a display, etc.). Each board that is designed and produced by us has a sensor of brightness (light intensity) enabling to adjust brightness depending on outside (exterior) light.

    Questions about offers please send to email Please, include all the necessary information about the display, particularly:

  • description of display method
  • operational conditions
  • value measured
  • dimensions
  • displays colors
  • communication interfaces
  • additional controlling software
  • permanent descriptions


      Designing software  
      We make software for PC computers working with Windows or Unix systems. Our software is based on C, C++, C#, PHP and Java languages. We often use technologies form data bases of SQL (MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite).Our company specializes in making interfaces used to communication and configuration of electronic devices which work in network or are directly plugged to computer ports (serial port, USB, Ethernet etc.). Additionally, we can boast a wide experience in creating application for ERP systems(Enterprise Resource Planning) operating various electrical devices and communication directly with data base of ERP systems.

    Offer question about please send to email Please, include all the possible characteristics of the software, particularly:

  • software language + IDE
  • operational systems
  • functioning
  • purpose
  • information about user
  • particular requirements
  • layout concept
  • protocols
  • data base structure


      Electric measurements  
      We offer a thorough periodic measurement of electrical installations (impedance loop, isolation resistance, examination of difference-current switch, ground resistance, checking the condition of thunder installation, light intensity, continuity, etc) We are able to provide a high quality of our services and flexible time for our customers needs. Additionally, we have all the necessary qualifications, certificates and the latest measurement devices.

    Questions about offers please send to email Please include all the necessary information about the object, particularly:

  • object location
  • type of object
  • estimated number of measurement points
  • how long object has been used
  • power grid topology
  • scope of measurements
  • particular requirements
  • technical condition of the object