BxLED4 v.8 - Programmable quad lock controller RFID Unique

Controller characteristics:

  • Four outputs for electromagnetic locks
  • Programming and configuration by tag
  • Three levels of MASTER, SERVICE, USER tags authorization
  • Operation with Unique tag on EM-410x
  • Interface RS485
  • Lock controller timer
  • Power supply 10V-24V (100mA)
  • Operation temperature 0°C-40°C


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BxLED4 is a non-touching tag reader to opening of swimming pool or work lockers. The heart of the driver is a microcontroller Atmega8 which decodes data from Unique EM-410x identification tags by receiving circuit. Programming is made by MASTER, SERVICE and USER identification tags. The MASTER identification tag is used to program the SERVICE tags and to delete earlier programmed tags stored in internal EEPROM memory. The MASTER identification tag is for a service or for a person who takes care of system maintenance. Programming of MASTER identification tag is by connecting pins of 1 and 2 powering-controlling connector before turning on the power supply. The SERVICE identification tag is used to open all the lockers (electromagnetic locks) and to program USER identification tags. The controller allows to program the two MASTER identification tags and up to ten different the SERVICE identification tags. The USER identification tag allows to open one of four lockers, which was earlier programmed using the SERVICE identification tag. LED diodes on the front panel box signalize the operation progress and also are helpful during configure process. The whole circuit is closed with 120x60x30 plastic box. The maximum current of output should not exceed 1A, while the sum of all outputs currents should not be higher than 4A. Switching on of the lock is made by connecting output to mass, so electromagnet of the lock should be connected between + power supply and output of the BxLED4. Not turned on output is in high impedance state. Additionally, BxLED4 is equipped with RS485 interface which work according to MKEiA protocol. Using RS485 interface with software, it is possible, in alternative way, programming MASTER, SERVICE, KEY tags and switch on a lock timer. For special order the operational temperature or output current can be extended. The BxSystem company is responsible for the distribution.