StrK v.1 - Bipolar stepper motor controller 2.5A

Controller characteristics:

  • Maximum current on 2.5A per phase
  • Maximum voltage of power supply 35V
  • Working with 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 step
  • Simple interface Step, Dir, Enable
  • Regulation of current phases 0A - 2.5A
  • Optic separation of steering inputs
  • Single voltage of power supply
  • LED indicator of state
  • Silence motor work
  • Mounted on 35mm rail
  • Operation temperature 0°C-40°C


Controller StrK is designed to work with bipolar stepper motor, as well as after suitable windings configuration with unipolar engine and universal engine. The construction of the system was based on popular specialized Allegro A9377, which contains in its constructions two bridges HMOS type and controlling system. With the use of potentiometer fixed on the front of the case, it is easy to determine the maximum current flowing through engine coils. Moreover, in every moment there is a possibility to change the state of working of the system from full step to half, quarter or 1/8 of step, by joining together appropriate pins on jumper cube or by giving signals steering in TTL standard. Controlling is made with the help of three lines which are optically separated from one another: step Step, direction Dir, and activation of Enable system. Working with microstep, high voltage supply together with fast comparative system of current control enables to obtain good dynamic characteristics and quiet and smooth motor running. Simple LED indicator informs without delay about controller condition (Home position) and about particular controlling signals. Placing StrK in manufacturing case, makes its assembly much easier in typical controlling boxes on 35mm rail. Furthermore, StrK directly connected to parallel port LPD of PC computer can work with CNC software, for example Mach2.