BxOut40 v.2 - Output controller module for 40 locks

Controller characteristics

  • 40 power outputs for locks
  • Communication via isolated RS485
  • LED output indicators
  • Power supply 8V-30V
  • Maximum current 1A per output
  • Maximum total current 5A for all outputs
  • Limitation of setting outputs – current protection
  • Mounting wires by detachable connectors
  • Operation temperature from 0°C to 40°C
  • PCB dimensions 250x50mm


BxOut40 device is designed to control 40 power outputs used for locks mounted in wardrobe locker, mailbox or doors. The controller is a part of access control system or locker management system. Communication with the module is made via isolated RS485 serial interfaces working with MKEiA protocol. The device work in mater-slave mode where BxOut40 is subordinate (slave) to master controller – usually a computer or a master device. The controller allows to load up to 1A per output providing that the total current from all outputs is less than 5A. In order to avoid overloading a special limitation in software is implemented. It stop to switch another output when the total limit switch on outputs is exceeded. I that case another outputs must wait until some active output will be switched off. All output is protected depending on application by polymer fuses or a resistors. Switching on output is putting ground potential on the connector, so it means that plus is a common wire. Additionally, every output posses it own LED indicator showing the state. The device can operate in wide range of power supply from 8V to 30V. It allows to use both 12V and 24V electric locks. All wires are screwed to detachable connectors. All output are taken out with plus and minus on connectors – common plus and dren of the power transistor to switch ground potential. BxOut40 is not close in any case – it is part of grater system. The dimension of PCB board is about 250x50mm and about 20mm high with components. There are eight holes on the board to fasten the controller to a case or a control cabinet.