LampSolar v.4 - Fotovoltanic controller

Controller characteristics:

  • Working with a fotocell from 1W to 100W
  • Two power outlets (one PWM)
  • Battery protection circuit
  • Software of turning on on modes
  • Measurement of voltages, currents and energies
  • Record energies
  • Low own power consumption 300uA
  • LCD display
  • Cover for installment on 35mm rail
  • Operation temperature -20°C-40°C


LampSolar is a microprocessor driver working with photovoltaic cell and accumulator (gel or car 12V). The task of this driver is to charge the accumulator with the energy obtained from the Sun by the cells. The controller assures the proper charging so as not to overcharge and prevents the total discharging of the accumulator by this increases its life. Threshold values of charging voltages and discharging is programmed by the user. The system is equipped with two power outputs. One of these outlets is PWM output (pulse width modulation) working with frequency 128 Hz. This outlet is used to regulate the output power (voltage). This regulation is programmed and outlet power is determined by the user. Moreover, this outlet is equipped with feedback loop which is used to proportional regulation with limited rising. PWM outlet may be used to regulate the light intensity of connected lamps, LED, etc. .The application of a proportional regulator and PWM outlet allowed to avoid the effect of weakening outlet power as a result of voltage decrease on the accumulator. The second outlet is a direct outlet from accumulator, and it is disconnected when the voltage on the accumulator drops below a set threshold. Additionally, the first outlet PWM is equipped with three programmable modes of turning on (manual, time or crepuscular). LampSolar allows all the time to monitor charging and discharging current of the accumulator, voltage on it, average voltage on PWM outlet and current flowing from the link. Furthermore, in LampSolar there are built in three energy meters, that is energy coming from photovoltaic link, charging energy and energy of accumulator discharging. The controllers settings and energy meters are stored EEPROM memory of ATMega3290 microcontroller. After disconnecting from the power supply, the system works for abort a few seconds on internal capacitor. Additionally, device has ability to record and store in RAM memory last 32 days states of energies counter. LampSolar is equipped with anti-short circuit system which protects it from damage. The whole driver is closed in cover for 35mm rail. This rai allows the driver to be installed in controlling box.