SCKD v.1 - RFID Unique Tag Reader in HPL

Reader characteristics

  • Operation with Unique tags EM-410x
  • Independent communication via RS485
  • MKEiA communication protocol
  • RGB LED indicator
  • Sound buzzer
  • Milled case made of HPL
  • Simple mounting
  • Power supply 8V-30V (50mA 12V)
  • Protection IP55
  • Operation temperature from 0°C to 40°C
  • Dimensions 90x90x10mm


SCKD RFID Reader was designed for electronics management closets systems and rooms access control. It is typical reader directly cooperating with a master devices such as a central controller or a server. PSKD reader can read EM-410x tags working in 125kHz bandwidth which are commonly know as Unique. Additionally, on the device front is placed RGB LED (seven different colors) diode and a buzzer in order to provide interaction with user and service. Communication with reader is done by RS485 interface and MKEiA protocol, which allow to apply simple cable connection and service. On the other case side, there is detachable four pin connector used for power supply and communication. The case of the reader is milled from durable HPL laminate composite. Dimension of SCKD (10mm thickness) allows to easy integrate with lockers or can be placed on the other side of locker’s wall. Our company provides wide spectrum colors of the device. Mounting the device to the locker face or on the wall can be easily done by four stainless screws at the front. Moreover, the case is equipped on the back with a seal which help preventing water to get inside. The device can be supplied in wide voltage range from 8V to 30V. To provide supply and communication, typical UTP/FTP cable can be used. SCKD readers with other devices such as electric lock power controller BxOut40, ZiWSz LED display and PSZS software can provide the whole necessary equipment and software to built central management locker system which can be used in many different places such as public swimming pools, workplaces or schools.