BxDesktop Mifare v.2 - Pulpitowy czytnik transponderów RFID Mifare

Reader characteristics:

  • Reading of Unique cards Mifare, Mifare+, Desfire
  • Powering and communication through USB
  • Power and port USB isolation
  • Virtual serial port COM FTDI
  • ABS pulpit case
  • Galvanic isolation USB port
  • Operation temperature from 0°C to 40°C


BxDeskop is a tag reader (RF transponders) compatible with Mifare, Mifare+, Desfire standard and working with band 13.56MHz. Powering and communication of BxDesktop is made through serial interface USB. There is a possibility to connect external power supply in order to increase the range of transponder reading. The LED diodes placed on the top of frame signalize the status of the device. The green diode which blinks shines on after connecting the reader to port, turns off on a fraction of second after reading the card. The yellow diode may be on by the user for 3 seconds after transmitting any data from host device. BxDesktop is recognized by the computer as virtual serial port COM which allows to be operated with ease. Transmission between the reader and PC is made with speed 2400bit/s, 8bit without the flow control. After reading the card the reader sends a code (five bytes) to PC. For wish of a customer it is possible to change the speed of transmission or form of a code sent, implement appropriate protocol or change the interface on other, for example RS232 or RS485. The whole device is in a nice case of Bopla company made from plastic material ABS. The reader may be used in systems counting work time RCP, time spent in different places, in workshop management, hiring point, etc. It is possible to change serial port speed and communication protocol..