BxBaza v.1 - Controller ARMputer Access Control

Microcomputer characteristic

  • Operating system ISIX RTOS
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbits/s
  • Serial interfaces SPI, USB, RS485 i RS232
  • TCP/IP protocol
  • Real time clock RTC with backup
  • Two relay outputs
  • Two confirmation inputs
  • Working with module RFID (Unique, Mifare, UHF)
  • Working with variety LCD displays
  • Working with barcode reader
  • Power supply 10-30V
  • Operation temperature -20°C do 40°C


Ask for price and availability: info@mkeia.com

BxBaza is universal microcomputer with network operating system designed to supervise advanced access control systems. Its construction allows connecting modules (e.g. LCD displays, RFID and barcode readers, BxLED4 controllers). Moreover, the device helps using variate serial interfaces such as Ethernet, SPI, USB, RS485 or RS232. The whole microcomputer is managed by real time operating system ISIX RTOS, which characterize very high efficiency and stability. On the main board are placed two independent relay switches destined to control gate entrance. BxBaza has two confirmation inputs, which can be use to record open gates or doors. The device operate with different LCD display available on market form simple text HD44780 to colorful with SPI interface. Additionally, it is possible to connect two independent RFID modules working in different bandwidth and system code such as popular Unique or Mifare. On the microcomputer board is placed real time clock with high capacitor backup. Serial interface RS485 is used to communicate with BxLED4 controller and input/output controllers BxIn40, BxOut40 and RS232 interface can work with standard barcode reader one or two dimension as well. Standard software application allows to communication thru network interface Fast Ethernet, where BxBaza is server operating on assigned TCP port. The microcomputer is implemented as a part of Electronic Customer Service System ESOK which cooperate with BxBaza and set down all necessary configuration and working mode. ESOK with this microcomputer equipped with proper modules enable to build advanced distributed dynamic systems for access control and time monitoring. The company BxSystem gets the exclusive property rights to distribution.