KxSKD v.1 - Converter USB/RS485 with galvanic isolation

Parameters of the converter:

  • Galvanic isolation up to 1kV
  • Max transmission speed 460800bits/s
  • LED transmission indicators
  • Power supply from USB port
  • Virtual port COM
  • Compatibility with FTDI
  • Working with Linux/Windows OS
  • Operation temperature -20°C do 40°C
  • Dimension 68x45x24mm


KxSKD is reliable serial USB port converter to serial RS485 bus with galvanic isolation USB port from RS485 bus. Construction of converter included popular chip FTDI FT232R. Galvanic isolation of serial port RS485 provides specialized chip from Analog Device AD2481 with DC-DC isolated converter 5V. Transmitter/Receiver circuit bus is compliant with ANSI EIA/TIA-485-A i ISO 8482: 1987 standards and allows connect to bus up to 256 devices. Converter is seen by the computer as a virtual port COM, which number can be easily modified. Maximum transmission data speed is up to 460800bits/s, but for short line can be extended up to 921600bits/s. The device uses standard library and drivers both Linux or Windows operating system. The converter PCB is placed in plastic ABS box with dimension of 68x45x24. KxSKD can be mounted using nail expansion anchor to the wall. At the front of device are placed LED indicators which show transmission state and USB link. In order to connect RS485 bus there is terminal block connector with screws. USB cable is connected by B standard junction on the box side.