BxLCD ETH PoE v.2 - Programmable twenty ports controller RFID Unique with Ethernet PoE and USB

Controller characteristics:

  • Operation with Unique tag on EM-410x
  • Twenty outputs up to 1A electro-lockers
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbits/s interface
  • PoE 802.3af standard
  • Programming with PC through USB or Ethernet
  • Implemented protocol TCP/IP
  • Implemented protocol ICMP
  • Communication and configuration settings via Telnet
  • Three levels of authorization identity tags SERVICE, GROUP and KEY
  • Power supply from PoE or external 12V-24V 200mA (optional)
  • Operation temperature 0°C-40°C


Ask for price and availability: info@mkeia.com

The BxLCD version v.2 is a RFID tags reader/controller designed to open swimming pool or employee lockers equipped with electromagnets. The main task of the controller is decoding RFID Unique tags ID compatible with an EM-410x standard, displaying messages and communicating with the ESOK server. The reader firmware software is based on a network RTOS system ISIX designed for STM32 ARM microcontrollers. The reader has Ethernet PoE (Power over Ethernet) interface and implemented TCP/IP protocol which is used to communicate with the external system. Dialog and programing settings of the device are made by terminal connection TelNet on a preset TCP port or by using USB (virtual serial port COM). The user can set up settings such as network address, mask, gate, port, tags id assigned to an appropriate output, locker numbers, open time etc. Communication protocol is the same for both TelNet and USB connection and both interfaces can work in parallel. The LED display placed on the front panel plastic case shows the number of an open locker. The LCD display is helpful to show device status or messages from the server. The server application has full control of the displays and sound beeper. The design of the reader allows the user to open user's locker when communication with the server breaks down since the last assigned id tags are kept in EEPROM memory. The power supply of BxLCD is done in two possible ways. The first one uses a PoE standard and communication cable to supply the reader directly from a network switch. The second is a standard connection of power supply in range form 12V to 24V to the terminal block. The controller is designed to work with 12V electromagnets. The whole device is in a plastic case 192x144x53mm or placed in wall cabinet made off HPL. The construction of the reader has two parts – controller PCB and passive PCB. The controller PCB is fixed to a front part of the case, but the passive is fixed to the bottom part. This solution is very convenient during maintenance and service. The absolute maximum current of one output should not exceed 1A and the total current of switch on outputs should not exceed 5A. The outputs switch the ground potential – so a electromagnet should be connected between the positive power supply and the output. The output in the switch off mode is in a high impedance state. BxLCD is produced exclusively for BxSystem company with headquarters in Rzeszow . The company produces the whole electronic customer service ESOK.