BxBram v.7 - Gate entrance controller RFID Unique  
Controller characteristics:
  • Input confirmation 10V-24V
  • Relay output 1A NO and NC
  • Configuration input confirmation
  • Unique tag EM-4102 reader
  • Interface RS485
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Power supply 12V-24V 100mA
  • Operation temperature 0°C-40°C
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BxBram is a microprocessor controller which is used to control electromagnetic lock or enter gate. The controller communicates with PC computer by RS485 industrial interface, which guarantees reliability of a transmission in difficult environmental conditions. The transmission protocol is adjusted to work with a BxESOK application which is used to calculate time of stay in a recreational building. The BxESOK program monitors the controller work by sending commands such as: asking about device status, card number, unlocking of a blockade, alarm, etc. BxBram operates tag cards and Unique key rings. A buzzer emitting sound and LED diodes, which signalize the device state (unlocking of a blockade), were placed on the front of the box. BxBram circuit is based on ATMega8 controller and specialized RFID circuit reader U2270. The microcontroller task is to operate communication protocol with PC and to decode a card number sent by Manchester code by U2270 circuit. BxBram controller is galvanicisolated both from power supply by DC-DC converter and confirmation input by optocoupler. The controller is equipped with one output and input. The input ise used as a confirmation signal of turning of a gate with one input responds to preprogrammed settings: low/high state or slops. Several controllers may work simultaneously on one line. Each of the controllers has its unique address stored in EEPROM memory of ATMega8 microcontroller. The company BxSystem is responsible for the distribution which deals with electronic systems of customer service.