ESP v.1 - Electronic Kindegarden System

System characteristic:

  • Record entering and leaving
  • Summarize stay hours
  • Record demanded meals
  • Information of a total cost of all children stay
  • Possibility of assigned a few cards
  • Possibility of assigned individual hour rate
  • Setting paid and unpaid time intervals
  • Division by groups
  • Rounding time according to regulations
  • Monitoring number of entering and leaving points
  • Separate readers to enter and exit
  • Esthetic's cards with institution logo
  • Managing system by an internet browser
  • Lack of an agreement or a plan

The amendment to the education act changed the rules of a child's stay in a kindergarten. Because of it there is a necessity of keeping track of both child's stay and costs in relation to city council or borough's resolutions. To meet these expectations our company created ESRP system, that is an electronic system of keeping track of a child's stay in a kindergarten or nursery. Electronic recorders based on RFID cards technology are ideal to make automation of keeping track process. The following spot presents in short how this system works and its application.

The main tasks of the system are: keeping track of entering and leaving the kindergarten, summing up hours of child's stay by taking into account paid and free hours, keeping record of meals and calculation of total costs of stay. There is a possibility of adding to each child an individual hour rate or a meal rate and assigning a RFID card or few RFID cards. Parent entering the kindergarten with a child brings an assigned card closer to enter reader. The reader signals with a short beep reading of a card and displays the appropriate message and event time. The device connected with a server records the card number to the database, reader number and event time. When picking up the child the parent should bring the card closer to the exit reader in order for the device to register the situation. The data collected by the reader are all the time sent to the server and information is continuously updated. Thanks to access from an internet browser there is a possibility to log in from a computer or a mobile device. To log into a system one should know the address or domain of a server and then type login and a user password. After logging in as an administrator the managing panel opens in in the browser. Then we can see the list of children currently being in the kindergarten, the list of children in a specific day, registered entering and leaving of a single child with approximate time, consumed meals and costs of stay in selected time range. Moreover, the collective report gives information of a total cost of all children stay in specific time with a group division. The report calculates the amount of paid and free hours, consumed meals according to previously agreed rates. Then the demand for meals report displays the information about the numbers of meals to be given to groups of kids in a specific day. In the second part of the administrator panel we can add new users and assign rates, meals or cards to them. Additionally, in the panel one can set ranges of paid and free hours. At any time the administrator can check registered events from the readers and modify or add new if needed. The system allows to monitor up to 10 entering and leaving points at the same time.

Our company offers a total solution including the installation of readers, putting wiring system and software with configuration. The principals of the institutions interested in our offer please contact us via email or phone. The total price of the system is based on the number of entering and leaving points, on the difficulty of putting wiring system, on the time spent on training staff and on the complexity of calculating stay resulting from the local-government resolution. We prepare the offer and the execution date after we see the place and arrangement of rooms.