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We are glad to inform you, that new reliable converter USB<->RS485 KxSKD with galvanic isolation is available. The circuit of the converter is based on a popular chip FTDI FT232R. Galvanic isolation of serial port RS485 is made by line receiver/transmitter AD2481 with additional DC-DC 5V converter. This chip assures standard ANSI EIA/TIA-485-A i ISO 8482: 1987 and allows to connect up to 256 device on a line. More...



New extended software for PSKD Manager and PSKD Server which are designed to manage PSKD readers and to build Electronic Access Control System ESKD is available. In new application version PSKD Manager we can find fast saving configuration and delete all data in Flash memory of PSKD reader. PSKD Server give us new tolls such as exporting data from SQL database, deleting data from date base and readers, autorun of communication and displaying current time on LCD display. New software can be downloaded from software page Software...



We are glad to inform that the new our product StrAq - Controller with RTC clock and thermostat is available. The main task of the controller is to switch on/off connected devices used in aquarium or terrarium. StrAq is equipped with internal RTC clock, LED display, four power outputs 230V, a digital thermometer, a radio remote-controller and alarm. Three first outputs allow to turn on/off power according to time schedule, but the fourth output is designed to stabilize temperature. The controller outputs can be used to switch on/off filter pomps, lights, heater, e.g. More...



The amendment to the education act changed the rules of a child's stay in a kindergarten. Because of it there is a necessity of keeping track of both child's stay and costs in relation to city council or borough's resolutions. To meet these expectations our company created ESRP system, that is an electronic system of keeping track of a child's stay in a kindergarten or nursery. Electronic recorders based on RFID cards technology are ideal to make automation of keeping track process. More...