Designing and manufacturing electronic devices with software

BxDisplay Reader

Dear our Customers, it is another our devices available in HPL case. BxDisplay is RFID tags reader with LCD display used for presenting amount of time control staying on the sport and recreation venue. The reader cooperate with BxSystem electronic customer service systems ESOK. More ...


BxOut40 Controller

We post on our website BxOut40 module which control 40 power outputs. This is one of the representative of modules series used in our application to build complex devices or systems. The device is designed to control 40 power outputs used for locks mounted in wardrobe locker, mailbox or doors. The controller is a part of access control system or locker management system. More ... . We will be posted another modules to our offer on the website soon.


Swimming Timing System

Swimming competition timing system STC10 for swimming pools is designed to provide all necessary equipment and to perform swimming tournaments. The system allows to make time measurement on maximum 10 lines, including semi-time. The system can operate with manual wire and wireless buttons and wire touch-pads. Moreover, the system includes, software, LED displays to preset real-time information and sound generator. More...


Locker LED dispaly

Another new product is added to our offer. ZiWSz is LED display, design to show locker/cabinet number or the current time. The display is made of discrete LED SMD diodes in order to assure appropriate contrast at the low power consumption. Communication with the display is done by RS485 interface and MKEiA protocol, which allow to apply simple cable connection and service. More ...


RFID Reader in HPL

From now, new RFID reader SCKD is available. The reader was designed for electronics management closets systems and rooms access control. It is typical reader directly cooperating with a master devices such as a central controller or a server. PSKD reader can read EM-410x tags working in 125kHz bandwidth which are commonly know as Unique. Additionally, on the device front is placed RGB LED (seven different colors) diode and a buzzer in order to provide interaction with user and service. More ...


Tournament Display

We are glad to inform you, that in our offer is available tournament LED display for swimming pools TLS6T9C12G. The display can work in two different modes. One is designed for performing and showing all necessary information during a competition. The second mode is use when there is no tournament and than on the display is shown six temperatures from wire digital sensors and current time and date. More ...